DNB Psychiatry

Indlas VIMHANS is the first psychiatric hospital to foray into the area of DNB training in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
We have successfully completed 10years in DNB training.

We have produced some of the finest psychiatrists in the country, currently well established in private, government and teaching sectors all across the country.

We provide all round training for psychiatry DNB residents striking a fine balance between academics and clinical exposure.

We provide mental health care to the homeless through association with multiple charitable organisations, thus inculcating social responsibility in our residents.

Sound Knowledge in theory is provided through regular classes, CME programmes, Guest lectures. Our students hone their clinical skills with regular O.P, I.P Care, learn first hand multiple psycho- social interventions.

They are provided an opportunity not only to take part in but organise national and state level conferences.

Good exposure to child psychiatry, deaddiction and rehabilitation services is provided. Students are encouraged to participate in conferences and publish regularly.

Multiple teaching and training colloboration with nursing colleges is available.

Ours is the only DNB training centre in the country having comprehensive exposure in adult, child, Rehabilitative and deaddiction Psychiatry.

Post Doctoral Fellowship AT VIMHANS

During post Graduate training in most colleges, the exposure to the Child Psychiatric Services is very limited. Besides NIMHANS, PGI Chandigarh, very few institutions offer DM/ Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

IN 2016, VIMHANS was accredited by NTR University for Fellowship Course in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

The candidate is posted for the entire year at Indlas Child Guidance Clinic, which is our multidisciplinary exclusive child guidance clinic. By the end of the year, the candidate is fully equipped with knowledge and practical training to deal with all kinds of child psychiatric disorders.

Short term internship, observership courses are provided for medical students and Psychology students.

Education at Indlas VIMHANS means all the trainy doctors, psychologists and the entire team is a large family and the spirit lasts even after students leave the institute. Once a part of VIMHANS family, always a part of VIMHANS family