"All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy" is something we truly believe in. We believe residency is more than the usual duties of attending outpatients, managing inpatients and academics. Empowering the residents with managerial and administrative skills so as they could pursue their ambitions independently is another core ideology that VIMHANS believes in and so has programmes geared up to fulfill these objectives. Academics covers case presentations, topic discussions, where we have esteemed senior faculty coming and sharing their knowledge, we have guest lecturers coming and making sure our students are updated on latest topics, we also have monthly mock exams to ensure students are prepared for their final DNB exams. In addition to all this, here at VIMHANS, residents enjoy life as a whole. Lot of activities keep them occupied, like "VIMHANS FUNMAX" where entire VIMHANS family watches psychiatry based movies together, birthdays and festivals are celeberated with great enthusiasm so no one feels away from home. We have residents from different parts of the country staying together, there is never a dull moment in the hostel. In short, residency at VIMHANS is a truly memorable experience and our students would vouch for this!