Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of VIMHANS

“Arogyame Mahabhagyam”. Health is a persons greatest wealth. The world of medicine recognizes that there is no health without mental health.

arogyame mahabhagyam VIMHANS hospital
Our Vision & Mission-
  • To provide with passion, the highest quality of services, use technological innovations to maximize positive outcomes and to be leaders in mental health care, with the best patient outcomes.
  • To provide healthy, happy, stress free lives and increase resilience in people.
  • To enhance the happiness quotient for our clients and their families and all our stakeholders including our staff.
  • To provide high quality, research driven , comprehensive , holistic services to people with psychological illnesses.
  • To provide psychological services for all age groups through our subsidiaries: VIMHANS, Indlas Shantivan and ICGC (Indlas Child Guidance Clinics)
  • To produce expert mental health professionals through our DNB training programme and Post Doctoral Fellowship in Child Psychiatry